We have been praying that God bring us Spirit-filled, servant-minded team members and that He would be preparing the hearts of our new neighbors to receive the great news of Jesus.  This ministry will be run by our Haitian team.  We believe that they are the primary ones that will be able to reach their peers for Jesus.

The Eye Clinic will be a full service Eye Center including cataract surgery.  We will provide medical treatment in a limited number of areas such as high blood pressure, diabetes, Women's Health, etc. so that we might provide excellent care while staying focused on these medical care opportunities.    We will provide medical and eye care at a cost appropriate for the culture.  All paid staff will be Haitian:  doctors, nurses, groundskeepers, housekeeping, cooks, security, etc.   We will all work together to mentor each other and to plan, brainstorm, and creatively think about ways to make a difference but we believe that the Haitians are more than capable of being His tools there on the ground.  God has brought us Julmice who is an amazing servant leader.  We knew him as a young boy in an orphanage.  He has become equipped with an engineering degree and is our Director of Operations.  We trust that God will continue to bring more people who will serve in a way that honors and glorifies God.  We are committed to the fact that this effort is not about the property, the buildings or even the clinics.  We will continue to wait on God for opportunities and His strength to follow where He leads us.  The clinics are our way into this community, to care for them with His love as our fuel.  But, we will always be praying that our eyes are open and our hearts and minds are ready for whatever other "ways in" He might show us (agriculture, education, micro-loans, or other things that we could not even imagine).

We are committed to forming relationships with the people, loving them and mostly trusting that God will show us where to go, who to pursue and how to accomplish it. Waiting on God, Fearless to Move, Trusting in His Provision!



In remembrance of the years of service to Haiti by dr. mark and cathy pearson, we choose to honor her by dedicating the medical clinic in her name:  cathy pearson memorial medical clinic.

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