21 Families Empowered and Encouraged!


Praise be to God!  This picture of our See Him staff with interns was recently posted on our See Him Instagram page.  It made me so thankful as I realized some of what God has been doing here.  We prayed that God would bring Spirit-filled, servant-minded people to our See Him family and He has done just that. As a result, 21 families represented by the individuals here have been empowered through their employment.  The ripple effect of this into their families may never be fully realized by any of us...parents, children, siblings, others.  This is in addition to the people that our staff are impacting daily in the clinics and/or guesthouse for Christ.  Furthermore, their has been great relational encouragement that has occurred.  These people work together, worship together each morning, dream and plan together, laugh and cry together!  This picture was taken after the staff hosted a going away party for the interns.  These sweet people poured into the lives of the interns and the interns will never forget those priceless times of living briefly side by side with them.

I want all of you who have partnered with us financially and spiritually through prayer to know that you are making a real difference in the lives of real people every day!  We have recently added 2 nurses, a receptionist, a lab tech and an optometrist to our family.  These additions allow us to run the newly constructed onsite lab and Eye Center full time.  We are praying that God will bring people to lead our community development efforts, a full time ophthalmologist and an accountant/office administrator.  We will trust God in the timing as He has been so faithful in the past.

Please join us as we pray together and join us financially as well.  Check out the website for more information on how you can give.  We need your support as we all try to encourage one another to flourish into the people that God created us all to be!

Waiting on God, Fearless to Move, Trusting His Provision!