A Light in the Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” - John 1:5

These two photos are examples of the brilliance of light shining through. One is a view from the roof of a building at the Every Eye Will See Him ministries compound in Cap Haitien, Haiti. The other is of the front gate into the property. I am captured by the beauty of these photographs but I want you to know that there is a greater light that is shining around that compound and into the community. God has answered so many prayers through this process but His faithfulness is most evident in the staff He has delivered to this ministry. He has sent Spirit-filled, servant-minded leaders in every area from nursing to groundskeepers, doctors to housekeepers and everyone else included. As you are aware, civil unrest in Haiti has dominated the news and more importantly the lives of our Haitian neighbors and friends these past several days. But, as schools, businesses, banks and roads were closed, our staff continued to run the medical and eye clinics daily. Our director there, Julmice, informed the staff that they did not have to come to work with everything going on but THEY decided that they wanted to continue to provide their services through the clinics despite all that was happening. They have been opened during these difficult days in the country……these dark days. I couldn’t help but realize that this is our time. We would never want these things to be happening BUT it is our time to SHINE in the darkness and our staff recognized it on their own. God placed that desire in their hearts. He knew when He sent them our way that they would be this example of selflessness in situations like this. These shining lights reveal to the patients and our neighbors that they are important and that there is something special and peculiarly different about this place. Every day, all patients show up first thing in the morning even if their appointment is in the afternoon. God has arranged this, we are convinced, because our staff takes this opportunity to sing with, pray with and encourage the patients every morning. As these bright lights continue to shine in the darkness, we are confident that they cannot help but to See Him which has always been the ultimate goal.

We have a cataract surgery team that will be going in next week. Please be praying that God will use this team to draw more people to Himself. Our desire is that every eye will see Him through all we say and do.

Waiting on God, Fearless to Move, Trusting His Provision