See Him Ministries - Hands and Feet of Jesus

Luckson Previl, Mission Director and Board Member shared these thoughts from his recent trip:

"On March 31st-April 2nd, a group of 9 Haitians including myself embarked on a journey to an area south of Cayes to provide relief to our brothers and sisters in need. This was a long 14-hour trip with beautiful breathtaking countryside.  The beautiful countryside with blue clear ocean water surrounded by mountains portrayed the greatness of God. We left CAP at 6:00 am and arrived in Cayes at 10:00 pm. Early morning on April 1st, our contacts showed up at our hotel to take us to the village where we would be providing food, building materials and money for small businesses. I have seen poverty and have lived in poverty, but I have not seen it quite this bad. Nonetheless, the people were pleasant. To be honest, I started to question God’s goodness and His plan for these people. Moise quickly reminded me that God sent us to help, and he spared their lives so that these people could see Jesus through us. We hope that possibly through this relief mission, they may find a relationship with Jesus. I wish that I could build new houses for all these people and give them food forever.  I was reminded by brother Pierre that I am not those people’s savior, but God is. I must believe that God will take care of them the same way that he spared their lives from Hurricane Matthew. On Saturday, we worked on a couple houses, distributed food, building materials and clothes to over 75 families. After wrestling with all these deep inner questions, I woke the next day with a new plan to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We divided ourselves into 2 groups, and we went from house to house to provide funding for small businesses. These people had no idea who we were and why we were helping them until we told them. We did not tell them our names, we just told them that we were Christians that God sent to their rescue. We prayed with them and provided small business funds to over 40 families. It was a great feeling to see how God worked by sending us to these people that we never planned to go visit. God indeed has a plan for his people, and we just need to be obedient and play our parts as followers and servants of Jesus Christ."