EEWSHM Praying and Building 1/6/16

Julmice read 1 Timothy 6:12 - Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses.

Workers, Nurse Candidate interviews and Community Well Drilling for Every Eye Will See Him ministries. Amazing Story - These workers who we have employed for over a year and a half during construction presented Luckson with a plaque to show their appreciation. Even more special, they all memorized Psalm 23 in French and recited it to him. They didn't have to do either of these things but what an encouragement to us that they took their time and money to express their thankfulness. God is amazing! This may not seem much to you at first, but when you consider they have very little but were willing to pool resources to purchase the plaque and decided together to memorize the Psalm in French(not their native Creole language), you might begin to see the hearts from which these gifts come - hearts undoubtedly touched by the love of God. When I think about what we are trying to accomplish through this ministry in this community, this story epitomizes it! There is nothing greater than watching God work in the hearts of people. He worked through them to be an encouragement to us! They also presented Julmice, our director of Operations and their "boss" for these several months, with a plaque on his birthday! They didn't have to do any of this but they chose to do it. What an encouragement for Julmice who has been sharing scripture and praying with these men and women every morning. Through this, God showed Julmice that his commitment to scripture and prayer have been worthwhile. Humbled and Blessed!

Waiting on God, Fearless to Move, Trusting His Provision!